by Vanessa Grall, Editor of MessyNessyChic

You could spend a lifetime trying to sift through all of the travel blogs, guides, and tv shows about how to best explore Paris– or you could start the adventure today. The 10 chapters in Don't Be A Tourist in Paris were compiled over 7 years by Vanessa Grall as she discovered the city with insatiable curiosity, leaving no stone unturned. Her distinct style has helped inspire and guide the over 1 million readers of Messy Nessy Chic as they uncover the true secrets of one of the world's most fascinating cities.

Already, Don't Be A Tourist In Paris has been featured by The New York Times Travel show, championed by My Little Paris, Ann Street Studio, and recommended by The Guardian & Elle Magazine.

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What you'll get

Whether it’s your first time in Paris, your second home, or you are yourself a Parisian, this book changes the rules.  

If you want to see Paris like it is in the movies, I’ll show you the director’s cut. If you seek the unusual and the underground, I’ll take you down the rabbit hole.

If you think you know Paris, let me challenge you.  

It's time to go beyond the norm in Paris, skip the Eiffel Tower– find the secret vineyards and hidden doors to another era instead.

Think of this book as your new travel companion, your closest Parisian confidante, your endless bottle of wine while in Paris.

In fact, each chapter of the book is inspired by emails I’ve received over the years from readers like you - asking the very same thing: can you give me your key to the city?

Take a look inside

“Dont be a Tourist in Paris” will encourage the wanderer within.

You are about to acquire this curious local’s key to the city that will unlock a precious vault of addresses.

Here's just a taste of what you can expect:

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What people are saying

"Nessy is the woman in the know regarding all things historic and nostalgic, hidden and secret, quixotic and curious."

My Little Paris
"Don't Be A Tourist in Paris is just the kind of city guide we need more of in this rate-it-out-of-five-stars TripAdvisor world. Engaging as a midnight conversation, delightful as an Audrey Hepburn film, and full of finds surprising even to the locals... it's the Paris guide even Parisians are buying."

Porter Magazine
"Exploring obscure corners of the globe, finding inspiration in all things curious and nostalgic."

Jamie Beck, Ann Street Studio
“Your book is the best guide to Paris I’ve seen. Thank you for writing this”.

William B, (Reader)
“Reading it is like talking to a good friend, who tells a great story, who loves Paris as much as I do, but who knows it better … a rare find on a all counts!

Katrin A. (Reader)
"This is the book we all need. Thank you MessyNessyChic for such a fabulous guide. I’ve just opened it and had my eyes opened.”

Abby Grace (Photographer)
Thank god for this book. I can’t believe it took me so long to find it.” 

About the Author

I’m often asked, how do you find these places? The truth is, I’m a bit of an escapist. I don’t walk past an intriguing door without checking if a real-life Narnia isn’t hiding on the other side.

Seven years ago, I packed up my life in London and never looked back. Paris became my muse, my mentor, a source of nostalgia for eras I had never lived through. This city has inspired me to curate what has become a cult online destination today, acknowledged, featured and followed by major media entities and international brands.

Apparently, I have an eye for the off-beat, the unique and the chic, but Paris? I guess you could say I developed a sixth sense for Paris.

See you on the inside,

Author, Don't Be A Tourist In Paris
Founder & Editor, Messy Nessy Chic

Vanessa Grall, Author of Don't Be A Tourist Paris

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